In 2022, the 22nd European Congress of Criminology is scheduled to be held in Malaga, Spain, with face-to-face attendees.

Due to the COVID-19, the annual congress of the European Society of Criminology has been held online for the last two years. However, it is planned that this year 2022 it will be held in regular format again, this time in Malaga (Spain), from September 21 to September 24.

This event brings together researchers, professors and professionals from the field of criminology from different European organizations that share their research and work, to disseminate scientific knowledge and establish connections between different institutions. In fact, in 2020 our colleague Hugo Morales presented the SuCCESS Project at this event.

In less than a month, on February 1, 2022, a call will be open in which all those interested will be able to present a summary of their research work. This call will remain open until April 2022, and interested participants will be notified if their abstracts have been accepted during May 2022. As of June, the registration period for the congress will open. On the website of the 22nd Annual Congress of the European Society of Criminology, you have all the information about the event:

This event can be a good opportunity to present the progress of the SuCCESS Project that has been carried out since its inception, focusing on