The Department of Psychology of the Universidad Católica San Pablo (UCSP) is currently organizing, for September 17th and 18th of 2021, the VI International Congress of Psychology, which is called “Psychological intervention and research in service of the person”.

This congress looks forward to presenting, to the national and international academic community, the latest advances in research related to psychological intervention in different branches of psychology, to contribute to the development of psychology as a science, and to offer a better service to the people. In this congress, for the first time, a thematic table called “Criminology and Juvenile Delinquency” will take place. It will have a duration of 60 minutes, in which five research projects, in the area of juvenile delinquency, will be presented, with the following topics:

  • Personality traits, and antisocial and divergent behaviors in juvenile offenders with open and closed judicial measures in Arequipa city.
  • Criminal commitment and perceived child maltreatment in juvenile offenders in a juvenile detention center in Arequipa city.
  • Criminal commitment and personality in adolescents with judicial measures and without them in Arequipa.
  • Manifestation of antisocial tendencies and sexual behavior in adolescent sexual offenders in a juvenile detention center.
  • Effectiveness of a socio-educational program of the adolescent orientation service (SOA) in Arequipa.

The mentioned table will be coordinated by the psychologist Renato Carpio de la Torre, master from São Paulo University and member of the ERASMUS + SuCCESS project, which looks forward to promoting the cooperation and knowledge transference between European and South American Universities to improve the training and research in areas related to prevention, crime control, and public safety.

This first activity will serve as dissemination of research developed by the Psychology Professional Program, and that will help to set the bases for the first research group of criminology in UCSP.