On the 30th March of 2021, LAEF- Forensic Nursing Academic League of the Ribeirão Preto School of Nursing from the University of São Paulo (EERP/USP), with the tutorship of Prof. Dr. Lucilene Cardoso, who is part of the USP team in the SuCCESS project, debated the topic of “Gender violence and violence against women”. In that session, Dr. Luciana Camargo Renesto Ruivo, an experienced police delegate who has worked most of her career with the Women’s Defense Police Station in Ribeirão Preto/São Paulo/Brazil was also present.

The event aimed to foster in all participants a sense of co-responsibility to face this very important social problem. It was highlighted that this is a modality of violence of great magnitude, in different sociocultural contexts, and during the COVID-19 pandemic, it has seriously worsened, due to the restrictions and social isolation.

Thus, the inter-professional formation and training for acting in the area are very important: Gender issues and violence against women; The domestic violence cycle; Favorable conditions for the couple to remain in the domestic violence situation; The interruption of the violence cycle; Nonviolent communication; Domestic and familiar violence against women: Police Perspective, Attendance by the police authority, The Police Inquest, Judicial Perspective; The Maria da Penha Law; The role of the Courts of Domestic and Family Violence; Public policies of recovery of the victim; Public policies of repression and prevention of violence.

On this occasion, the SuCCESS project – Strengthening Criminology Teaching – was also presented, as well as the importance of projects such as this one, which results from the collaboration between European and South American universities to exchange experiences, transfer knowledge, and improve study plans in the areas of criminology and public safety.